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  • 01.July of 1999, Yineng precision mould (HK) limited founded, 4 partners invest together, determined to be devoted in the industry basis--Precision plastic injection mould,and contribute our team power to the industry of our motherland.
  • 02.September of 2008, Yineng mould cooperate with SAPAC group, enter into Automotive industry,offer service to customers BYD(China), DELPHI(US),MAGNA(US),Etc.
  • 03.June of 2009, Yineng mould introduced Double shot technology from SAPAC group, Successful to offer customer service of double shot moulds for automotive plastic parts.
  • 04.September of 2010, Yineng mould offer double shot moulds to Wise (France) for 2K plastic parts of BMW cars.
  • 05.April of 2011, Yinuo precision mould (Shenzhen) limited founded, responsible for moulds machining and mold components machining.
  • 06.August of 2012, prepare establishing a professional company for export moulds, peeling bad assets,and made decision of mainly develope champion business.
  • 07.December of 2012, Yineng precision mould (HK) limited and Yinuo precision mould (Shenzhen) limited combined, found 3K Mold (Shenzhen) limited,focus on mold design and manufacture, product development.
  • 08.February of 2013, shareholder's meeting decided the investing plan of new company, and fixed the details of first investment and equipments purchasing list.
  • 09.March of 2013, factory moved, prepare for the next adjustment of company development.
  • 10.March of 2013, first batch new CNC machines and CMM machine arrived.
  • 11.April of 2013, New company 3K Mold (Shenzhen) limited registered, Yinuo precision mould (Shenzhen) limited stopped running.
  • 12.May of 2013, 3K Mold enter into product design field, become a enterprise offering service from product design to semi-finished plastic parts.




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