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Production action in today's world, involving a much disaggregated industrial chain, from product development to technical solutions, also purchasing and supplier chain management, and which runs through the extension of the brand image and product vocabulary, every step involves the crucial point of the production, every step needs the management capacity of overall planning.

Only systematic and comprehensive innovative solutions can ensure the enterprise is sustainable development and the long term benefit. It is impossible for enterprise to provide such solutions on slicing product design services, mold design and manufacturing, injection parts, painting and other services.The 3K team is building a “systemic innovation institutions” as a long term development goals, the purpose is to collect a wide range of resources, to build a comprehensive system with innovative platform. 

3K team including four major projects

1. the product development

3K group has our own product development team, our services are: plastic parts modeling and design, prototype production, small batch sampling, product reverse engineering (product scanner, built 3D models), plastic products, mold feasibility analysis

2. Mold design and manufacturing

3K mold has its own mold design and manufacturing teams, 3K mold is very familiar with DME, HASCO, MUSUMI, PROGRESSIVE, STRACK, MEUSBURGER, AGATHON, CUMSA and other standard applications.

3K mold can offer: Precision injection mold, rapid tooling, double injection mold, die casting mold, and (BMC) thermoset mold, MUD standard of DME specifications, the Blocking mode with HASCO standard, and according to the characteristics of customer products to customized mold system.

Hot runner technology, mold flow analysis techniques, thermal balancing technology, gas-assisted injection molding technology, are widely used in mold design and manufacturing.

3K mold can provide customers with professional mold solutions, mainly from the product structure characteristics, forming characteristics and other aspects to develop mold system based on the customer’s usage; this can increase 10% - 30% of the production efficiency for enterprises and reduce 20% `-50% of the mold manufacturing and injection molding costs.

3. molding production run

3K Mold can give preferential price for the mould cost what is based on the customer product injection quantity; that is the production mould of 3K company.

4. support customer

The 3k project team can deal with some other service for customers, such as products surface treatment: screen printing, painting, assembly and other services. Our company has long-term cooperation of the enterprises in China.3K team can provide customers with free services in these areas.

Today 3k team is building a new factory with customer together, to change the design concept, to improve the processing technology, to improve the quality ideas, to raise management efficiency, to achieve cooperation win-win together, create a common quality pursuing.




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