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Design Dept.

The soul of a successful enterprise is Human, we think the starting point of transcendence is from speciality,the wonderful initiative is from every creative people of dream and dedication.3K Mold has a professional mould design team, who are different education background and design experience to make 3K group more energetic and connotation, the different design idea integrate here, and collision, to inspire the working enthusiasm continuously. we keep moving,and have a powerful sound, we are continuous innovation, including passion, that making only one purpose, is to provide high quality mould for customers.

The engineering dept of 3K Mold adopt professional CAD,CAM and moldflow system, on the management which implemented planning,practice,examination and improved PDCA working process, to be " serious、careful、rigorous" for our job.
At the beginning of the project started, the engineer should review technical points and suggestions with customer, then provide a professional DFM to customer,after getting the response from the customer, to start mould 2D/3D,till getting the final approval, therefore, to ensure the customer can control the project started and engineering design completed in line with the actual needs of customers.

The engineering team of 3K Mold are master of DME、HASCO,MUSUMI,PROGRESSIVE,STRACK,MEUSBURGER,AGATHON,CUMSA standard applications, who often design big size injection mold, precision injection mold, rapid tooling, double injection mold, die casting mold, and (BMC) thermoset mold, MUD standard of DME specifications, the Blocking mode with HASCO standard, and according to the characteristics of customer products to customized mold system. the product scope are Automotive components,Car Electronic Devices,high qaulity Household appliances,consumer electronics, cosmetic and medical devices.

Mold flow analysis techniques, thermal balancing technology are of universal used in mold design,hot runner technoligy and gas-assisted injection molding technology are provided to what customers make an independent mold system for customers.

" serious、careful、rigorous" of working can ensure customer's requirements,which ensures design are rationality, validity and accuracy,the feasibility DFM report (Design For Manufacturability) and mold flow analysis report for customers understand the structure of the parts, that influences the mould development,understood the mould basic design,learned some of the requirements and standards of molding. This can save much time for customer's new product development, but also to help customers to meet economic, efficient, reliable management requirements.   

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