Mold manufacture
Mold manufacture
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Training tool operators continuously, to make all workers know the 3K Mold's quality standard and quality sense, to provide a good parts in accordance with the requirements of the drawings is our basic requirements. in the production dept. Uninterrupted introduce some advanced machines and study the industry leading management control method,to ensure the machining accuracy, to ensure each parts is according to the drawings, only making to meet customer requirment with good quality standard that it is the most effective method to control our cost,Good control of each processing time is the key point of 3K mold project schedule management.

On management field, we insist the management conception that the operators are the extension of equipments,this aroused the desire of people to control equipment,the operators are leading the quality standard of machined parts. the product quality is implemented in the each step of production, To provide a strong guarantee for large-scale, precision, complex and long-life molds. 

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