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Project management
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1. Part feasibility analysis phase

Project get the purchase order and related info from marketing Dep. Firstly, they collate and analyse the data from customer, then
prepare the mold information list. To organize the related Dep evaluate the part manufacture feasibility and confirm the primary mold concept. Afterwards, Engineering Dep provide the design for manufacturability report and mold flow analysis report to customer for reiview. Review and discuss the part structure and mold concept together with customer, to achieve the parts what customer wanted finally.

2. Mold design phase

Project organize designer who express the mold structure using engineering language. and discuss about technical request and standard togeter with customer. Mold design determine the success and failure of the whole project. thus each design result must be analyzed and discussed through (plastic and steel) material, machining, part assembly, test, pre-production, volume production etc. During the design, need to verify the reasonable material using, the manufacturability for each mold component. reliable assembly and the feasibility of the mold tryout, to meet each condition of mass production as well.

3. The machining phase oriented leading

Project provide the weekly report to customer every week. Let customer know the process progress very well. and discuss each kind of unpredictable machining issue during the manufacturing process. It's other core work which leading customer quality standard implementation in this phase. To ensure the customer standard can be implemented into each process technics by quality Dep. It's other very important factor which can be determined the success and failure of the whole project.

4. Mold test and improvement phase

Mold component assembly, T0 test, T1 test, To submit the molding report, part dimension report, molding report and video to customer, and synthetically feedback the mold correction option. Through disccussion and verification to ensure the good quality part per customer request.

5. Mold verification phase

This stage must be done through pre-production and mass production test.

Pre-production test include: over 10%-50% pressure test, 10%,50%,90%,100% filling test. dimension stability test. injection molding feasibility test.

Mass production test include: Mold action run test, Mold component inspection. keep the mold check report for record.

6. Mold verification before delivery phase

Project organize and evaluate mold verification report, mold manufacture data, molding report. Project and Quality Dep check the mold component and mold assembly together, also monitor the mold rust prevention and packing. To provide the mold component pictures, mold assemly pictures, package pictures. and prepare the mold delivery etc.

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