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" Creation Mold, Quality Industry" is quality concept of 3K Mold.

3K mold emphasize to control the each step's quality from project beginning to finish of whole process. It ensure well the quality of final product. This is also the reason our team are able to grow up rapidly in recent years.

In 3K Group we ofen dicuss how to guarantee each chamfer? how to control each edge of part? how to meet the machining accuracy of part etc. All through the way we have accumulated our own experience of quality control. This is why our team 3K Mold can keep growing so quickly.

At 3K Mold, We continually improve our team member's quality control technical ability and quality consciousness via personnel training,disscusion,summing up. To strictly enforce quality management process, To ensure the semi-finished products of flowing into next processing all are quality controlled.

At 3K Mold. We always listen to the request from customer, adhere to persuit of quality, to imporove ourself continuely. Keep the same pace with customer to be their reliable partner.










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